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Tantra to me is Transformation- A way to upgrade ones frequency through sexual energy and intimacy. It is a practise of using sexual energy for expanding ones personal experiences.

Tantric Massage 

Come as you are while I guide you into your journey of self relaxation, awareness, healing, and new levels of sexual ecstasy!

90 minute session 700

Tantric GFE

Where spiritual experience meets full on hanky panky!

(includes "hands on" tantra teaching throughout )

1 hr 1000

2 hr 2000

3 hr 3000

4 hr 4000

Touchy feely n Tantra Teaching

Enjoy tantric touch, intimacy,  and invoke mutual sensual pleasure while learning Tantric techniques and intimate Tantra practices.

1 hr 1000

2 hr 2000

3 hr 3000

4 hr 4000

Tantric Day of Bliss 

Fancy a day with a cheeky Goddess?

-Learn tantric modalities of kissing

-Chakra exercises

-Sacred spot techniques and practices

-Art of breathing

-Full body touch while learning  6 modalities

-Yab Yum

-  Learn Ejaculation control

- Pleasurable positions ( a cheeky dance of bliss)


Tantric Evening Overnight Ritual

Bring magic into your life...

-Adoration Ritual 

-Intention setting

- Chakra exercises

-Art of breathing

-Ejaculation Control

- Yab Yum

-  Learn and partake in  Sex Magic Ritual 


Cum experience

 the Magic of Tantra....

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