Saucy Sorceress

A saucy magical  journey....

Splash Spell......

The power of Amrita (female ejaculation) has many mystical properties.....While using mantra, breath and touch I will invoke my Amrita as a sacred prayer to help manifest your wishes and dreams. 

60 minute - 600

Gypsy Tea Tit Wank

Ask me a question.....

Will give Fortune Telling by the pattern of your cum  on my tits...And I tell you what I predict you will leave with a smile on your face lol

30 minute - 400

Slap n Tickle Spell

When your cum is not being used to create life, learn to consciously visualize and use its potency to create something else....I will teach you how to cultivate and contain your sexual energy and then direct it to a specific goal you are trying to manifest... It will be a learning experience as well as a very intimate and  pleasurable one....mmm

30 minute - 400

Pleasure as medicine......

Darling did you know that certain Sexual positions combined  with breathings techniques and visualization can direct the flow of your life force energy, which can be used to invoke healing to different organs in the body...Well who's suffering from a headache? happy to help...

60 minute - 600